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ideally perfect state

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a work of fiction describing a utopia

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an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal

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We are thus dealing with mythical time and space and moreover with a doubly utopic space.
St Petersburg, FL, May 30, 2018 --(PR.com)-- As more companies embrace workspace transformation as a means to enable end-user computing (EUC) initiatives or unified end-point management (UEM), Utopic Software's flagship solution Persystent Suite[TM] unveiled a new transformation support feature to fundamentally simplify the delivery of applications across the enterprise.
It's a utopic idea, yes, but what's the need for it?
Even with what has been made possible by net neutrality, open-source software, and social media--in terms of who is producing images and who is being represented--the events of 2016 revealed the underbelly of the internet's utopic accessibility.
While this may not quite be the utopic future imagined by Gene Roddenberry, there is hope in these books that the best of humanity will, in the end.
Sommer estimates the attitude of freemasons as a hope to find a "common identity." Freemason lodges benefitted from the turmoil in the Empire and offered solace, as they provide a utopic place where brotherhood, liberty, and fraternity could thrive.
'Utopic democracy can wait!' they write, while calling on Western countries 'to come to their senses' and not impose sanctions.
President Widodo's recent remarks at the joint sitting of parliament in Islamabad would be well received in an overall utopic world, but despite his good intentions, their relevance to our present-day world is little with some of his comments being rather flowery and even naive.
While the past political activism of athletes including Arthur Ashe and Muhammad Ali has become (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/muhammad-ali-reparations_us_575309c6e4b0c3752dcdd07f) idealized and sanitized after-the-fact, enabling a utopic rewriting of history, Kaepernick's contemporary protest enables no such revision.
Do you too dream of a utopic haven for your honeymoon?
Singh conscientiously debunks the Utopic image of Tibet as how it is often projected in many travelogues and critically examine various rituals and practice like death ritual where the dead body is hacked methodically and fed to vultures, despite its altruistic purpose of being useful in death to vultures, yet the unseemly sight appears bizarre and irreverent.
As problematic as this structure is, to come up with a radical solution like soft-borders is too utopic. Unfortunately, peoples that are not recognised as nations with claims to state territories don't have much of a track record for survival.
Odette Casamayor-Cisneros' keen analysis of the Revolution-era films of Sara Gomez and Nicolas Guillen Landrian reveals the tensions between the utopic Guevarean concept of the New Man as a raceless constituent of the Revolution and the persistent realities of racial marginalization in Cuba.
According to Pasolini, however, this narration must be read as an allegorical rendition of Volponi's sociopolitical commentary, which does not espouse Anteo's ideas, but only their anarchic and utopic thrust.
It also urged Iraq Kurdish leaders to abandon "utopic goals," accusing them of endangering peace and stability for Iraq and the whole region.