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Synonyms for Utopian

Synonyms for Utopian

showing a tendency to envision things in perfect but unrealistic form

a person inclined to be imaginative or idealistic but impractical

Words related to Utopian

an idealistic (but usually impractical) social reformer

characterized by or aspiring to impracticable perfection

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Again this seeming impasse (the 'ideological impasse of utopian content') (26) leads to a new series of questions, beginning with that of the future of Utopia, which he considers both in terms of the literary genre itself and of the political program ('radical social alternatives').
New Historicism has not dealt often or kindly with utopian texts, and when it has, its Foucauldian assumptions tend to turn even the most innocent projects into dystopic sites of disciplinary power.
He was a devoted Marxist and a committed globalist who used his fiction to propagandize on behalf of an ideal world state ruled by an all-powerful technocratic elite, sometimes referred to by him as the "Samurai." Woven into his novels were familiar 19th-century socialist and utopian themes: class conflict; the supposed eclipse of religion by science; the purported benefits of eugenics and social engineering; "free love"; and the ultimate emergence of a world state.
Millenarians, millenarists, latter day utopians, nationalists, socialists, Marxists, ecologists preaching ecocide--Weber's prophets of last days are myriad.
Given the special interest many of us have in preferable futures, we futurists have thereby always been utopians, whether or not we have known or been willing to acknowledge this.
But it's a long jump from the decline of the left to the death of utopia, not least because leftists are hardly the only utopians in the world.
For in the Utopia, human mortality functions as the catalyst for a complex of problems, ethical, epistemological, and directly political, which Utopia, as well as the Utopians, claim to contain and defuse by recourse to the application of reason.
Liberated from alienated work and want, perhaps the eroticized, communalized body politic imagined by '60s utopians would reemerge.
Such conservative prophecy, or utopia of the familiar, suggests that the technological utopians were well grounded in their culture's mainstream.
The reasons that utopians masculinize women and marginalize men show up in works as early as Plato's Republic.
The Utopians are productive beyond their own needs.
The utopians of this book were such mammoths that they cannot be rightly referenced by the name of a single community or any one individual leader.
And put this way, the fundamental ethical claim of this argument is strikingly similar to that which the Utopians, the Israelis, and so many others, have invoked to defend the expropriation of the land of their neighbors: "you squander what you have when others need it and can use it more productively.
He finely crafts mini-biographies of minor utopians and lucid analysis of their projects.
In Black Mirror, the four cardinal virtues of Socratic philosophy--justice, fortitude, prudence, and temperance (the principles on which Catholic martyr Thomas More had his Utopians found an ideal secular society)--are painted on four trompe l'oeil strips of wood.