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Synonyms for Utopian

Synonyms for Utopian

showing a tendency to envision things in perfect but unrealistic form

a person inclined to be imaginative or idealistic but impractical

Words related to Utopian

an idealistic (but usually impractical) social reformer

characterized by or aspiring to impracticable perfection

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The allusion is part of the utopian political and narrative tradition, found, for example, in late nineteenth-century British utopian narratives such as William Morris's 1890 News from Nowhere.
This first juxtaposition affords a stark illustration of one way in which twenty-first century readers of More's text might want to keep some Utopian practices at arm's length.
Rohini Manik's first published work is Utopian Eternity.
The second act is set seven hundred years in the future in the utopian world of Greenland.
However, with razor-sharp precision, she enriches the overall sense of chronology by weaving throughout her chapters a systematic treatment of the major utopian lineages--liberal-humanistic and socialist--and of the various approaches to defining the utopian project.
Although the study focuses on the role of utopia in various literary and narrative works by clarifying the obstacles hindering humanity's progress, and the role of science fiction in conveying the contradictions of the present in a futuristic light - while relying on literary critique rather than political philosophy -, one can conclude that realistic progress often contradicts utopian ideologies, whether those embracing humanity as a whole or those related to a specific group.
However, the bank has now drawn up a new 10-year agreement after Utopian cut its debt from pounds 13m to pounds 7m following the sale of four sites - Digital nightclub in Newcastle and the Tokyo chain of bars in Newcastle, Huddersfield and Oldham.
ARTIFICIAL PARADISE: THE DARK SIDE OF THE BEATLES' UTOPIAN DREAM tells of the utopian dream built throughout the 1950s by the Beatles--and how their music also attracted a darker side, reflecting the disillusionment of a generation.
Jay Winter, Dreams of Peace and Freedom: Utopian Moments in the 20th Century (New Haven and London: Yale University Press 2006)
Utopian Generations: The Political Horizon of Twentieth-Century Literature.
Moses Levy of Florida: Jewish Utopian and Antebellum Reformer.
For to recognize the truly subversive character of the attitudes that consigned the Academy's "Bring Me Men" slogan to oblivion, it is helpful to survey--at least briefly--the body of utopian literature in which radical thinkers have attacked traditional understandings of femininity and masculinity.
Bar operator Utopian Leisure, run by Newcastle entrepreneur Bob Senior, recently opened a pounds 1.
In The Utopian Nexus in Don Quixote, Dunn and Jehenson provide us with an encompassing overview of the theory, terminology, and use of utopian myths current in the century preceding Cervantes.
And no matter how good private medicine may be, it will have always one irreparable defect in the eyes of utopian reformers: inequality.