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Those files include at minimum: Device Drivers, Service Packs and Patches, utility programs and applications downloaded from the Internet.
Computer programs of all classes (e.g., operating systems, executive systems, monitors, compilers and translators, assembly routines and utility programs, as well as application programs) are included.
A number of utility programs provide emergency boot disks, which attempt to repair damage done to your hard disk.
There are several popular utility programs that can create boot disks automatically: for example, Norton Utilities and PC Tools.
Utility programs let you generate a surprising variety of tables such as Moon phases for the year and a chart of positions of Jupiter's Galilean moons for a month.
When we use basic operating system facilities, such as the kernel and major utility programs, we expect a high degree of reliability.
The PUC recommended utility programs encouraging builders and buyers to to follow MCS codes.
If you are using the ORCAD Schematic Capture program for your wiring diagrams, you can create coded wiring drawings with the cable codes accessible by an external database program through the use of several OrCAD utility programs.
Limanowskiego 32 in Wieliczka, OSP in Racibrz based on functional and utility programs and energy audits.
Recognizing this need early in the decade, Utility Programs and Metering II, Inc.
The Opus 8.0 file management program offers a complete replacement for Windows Explorer as well as other utility programs used for handling ZIP files, FTP, viewing images, and more.
Leonard also uses a number of DOS-based utility programs in the maintenance of data for operation and backup purposes.
All utility programs will be slightly different, of course, but the basic methods for hiding a file will be the same: Access the utilities program and call up the files in any given directory.
For those worried about leaky Word documents, Byers suggests using a different word processing program, employing utility programs that scrub information from Word documents, or following Microsoft's advice about how to make documents safer.
These same utility programs can measure the degree of fragmentation of a disk, thus indicating whether the process is required.
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