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Ask any one of the 42 percent of Utah teachers who quit within their first five years why they left, and you'll hear a variety of reasons: "I didn't have enough support and mentorship." "I couldn't make enough to provide for my family." "I didn't have the resources I needed to succeed." "I left to raise my own family." While the reasons may vary, the story remains the same: Too many Utahns feel that teaching is not a justifiable career path.
Most of the time, compared to what my Chinese American grandmother experienced growing up in Utah during the Great Depression, the open and passive discrimination that I experience today as a Utahn is not as intense, but it's definitely still not OK.
News of his death in Afghanistan was devastating to all Utahns. Renaming this facility after Brent is a fitting tribute to his leadership, courage, and integrity.
The ability to work from almost anywhere can be valuable to employees, employers and, in effect, all Utahns during periods of poor air quality.
Palmer's protest comes a day after thousands of Utahns gathered at the state Capitol in support of Bears Ears and Grand Escalante national monuments, both of which face drastic reductions by the Trump administration.
Adding, "We'll continue working closely with locals moving forward to ensure that Utahns have a voice in this process."
A poll conducted in mid-September in Utah reveals that nearly two-thirds of Utahns believe teachers should be permitted to carry a concealed firearm in classrooms.
"We are excited and pleased that we now have clarity from the courts and the fundamental rights of all Utahns are honored and protected,'' Gill said in a statement.
Approximately 472,000 Utahns are unsure where their next meal will come from, and 1 in 5 Utah children are at risk of missing a meal today due to lack of resources.
So follow the example of the smart Utahns who use these mountains as their Central Park, prime territory for after-work hikes and weekend campouts.
The group explains that "more than 40 cents of every dollar the state of Utah spends comes from the federal government that borrows and/or prints more than 40 cents of every dollar it sends to Utah." Since "the current fiscal trajectory of the federal government is unsustainable"--a view held not just by the Utahns but by the Congressional Budget Office's 2013 Long-Term Budget Outlook--residents of the state foresee a day when whatever they want will have to be funded locally.
In choosing to give away housing to those who did not earn it by their labor, Utah may appear to be a bastion of "legalized plunder" in which hardworking Utahns are victimized by a powerful state government believing that somebody else deserves what they have earned.
The plan calls for 13 percent of Utahns to hold a board-approved certification, 14 percent with an associate degree, 28 percent with a bachelor's degree and 11 percent with a graduate degree.
"The health and safety of Utahns today and for generations of Utahns in the future depend on getting the standards right."
Summit County Council members say they support the idea of implementing a new bus route between Park City and Salt Lake City, which would serve over a thousand Utahns each day.