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a native or resident of Utah

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Utahans very much like to celebrate her as the first female state senator in the United States.
Lifestyle choices are key obesity factors, which led me to ask, "What are Utahans doing right to rank fifth on the list of healthiest states?
According to Utah Insurance Department information, (15) 10.3 percent of Utahans are uninsured and 11.2 percent of the population is insured by Medicare.
(15) For reference, when the state of Utah suffered a major data breach in 2012 that exposed 800,000 Utahans' personal information, an independent research agency estimated that more than 120,000 cases of fraud would result.
Costumed interpreters demonstrate life as it would have been for 19th-century Utahans. During special event days, interpreters portraying several of Utah's most prominent citizens of the period, including Brigham Young, Mary Fielding Smith, and Orrin Porter Rockwell, can be seen walking the streets of the Village.
The "Respect Rally" in Park City was filled with Utahans as well as Hollywood actors and producers.
They, as do many Utahans, question the long-term stability of relying on non-renewable resources to fund transformation.
Two-thirds of Utahans are Mormon, whose adherence requires abstinence from alcohol, coffee, and tobacco.
The News is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and Utahans remain concerned about the influence of the church over local media.
In asking Utahans to get behind Cruz, Romney passed over Ohio Gov.
One reason this incongruity might exist is that Utah has a relatively low cost of living, so higher housing prices there are offset by lower prices on other things Utahans need to buy.
We are pleased to join forces with Career Step to help Utahans gain the skills they need for professional success."
Instead, the Utah House on March 6 passed Utah Cares, an expansion plan that would use traditional Medicaid and the state's Primary Care Network to provide limited health care to Utahans earning up to 100% of the poverty level.
In a poll, 62 percent of Utahans said the law hurts tourism and the economy.