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Bank of Utah offers personal and business banking, mortgage and commercial lending and trust and investment services.
is the holding company for Bank of Utah with 14 full-service branches along the Wasatch Front, mortgage offices in St.
At the upcoming Utah Global Forum, October 24, 2016, the World Trade Association of Utah will recognize three entities for their contributions to Utah's thriving business landscape.
When members of Congress were developing the original PPACA exchange proposals, they often emphasized that they were basing the proposals in part on Utah's efforts to develop the Avenue H exchange system for small employers.
The college has grown from Central Utah Vocational School, Utah Trade Technical Institute, Utah Technical College, Utah Valley Community College and Utah Valley State College, which it has been since 1993.
To resolve the issue, the Workers' Compensation Fund of Utah transferred its stock in Advantage to a voting trust, giving the trustee legal title to the shares.
Ohio also has struggled with the switch to origin-based sourcing and, like Utah, attempted to address the concerns of its in-state business community--as well as to maintain the momentum in expanding SST membership--by introducing a proposal to the Governing Board that would have simplified local tax rate structures and eliminated many of the concerns caused by the move to destination-based sourcing.
Utah's Senate Bill 96 was passed by the Senate on January 23, 2006, by a 16-12 vote.
IN 1992, A TWO-YEAR INSTITUtion then known as Utah Valley Community College set out to launch degree programs at the baccalaureate level.
Findings for Utah include: (1) Utah has shown notable improvement on its already excellent performance in preparing students to succeed in college.
IBM (NYSE: IBM), the University of Utah Health Sciences Center and LineaGen Research Corporation has announced a broad collaboration to combine their respective strengths to create an unparalleled clinical genomics infrastructure designed to accelerate the molecular understanding of complex diseases and ultimately to accelerate the development of novel molecular diagnostics and targeted treatments.
"Turning back the clock and returning to the pre-NCLB days of fuzzy accountability and hiding children in averages will do nothing to help the students who are currently enrolled in Utah's schools," U.S.
Plenty of books have been written about the history and religion of Mormons; but far fewer consider the modern political and social impact of Mormonism in Utah today.
In developing curriculum for a Salt Lake City, Utah High School's Advance Placement--Environmental Studies class, one goal was a module on air quality/air pollution.