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a religious movement by Persian Shiite Muslims in 17th century Iran that is opposed to the Akhbari

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Nevertheless, usuli scholars replaced this word with another word: illah.
What are the main differences and similarities between Usuli and Akhbari ideas reflected in those of Mohammad Amin Astarabadi and Vahid Behbahani?
maddesinin devlete yukledigi oldurmeme yukumlulugunun ihlal edildigini ayrica olumlerle iliskili olarak ihlallerden sorumlu olanlarin hesap verebilirliginin saglanmasi adina etkin bir sorusturma yurutulmedigi icin ayni maddenin usuli yonden de ihlal edildigini ifade etmistir.
After the overthrow of the Safavid empire by Afghan tribes in 1736, the Usuli teachings began to shape Iranian political life in important ways.
Hasan Celebi'nin Usuli icin " Ruma 'avdet eyleyup gah Yenicede ve gah Evrenos Begun ogli 'Abdi Begun yaninda iken vefat idup guyende-i bezm-i fenanun usuline uymagla terk-i sohbet-i beka ve meclis-i hayat eyledi."(EYDURAN 1999:163).
COLE: The Saudi-Shiite community is largely in the eastern province, al Hasa, and the majority of them are Usuli Shiites who follow Grand Ayatollah Sistani.
Ahmadinejad proudly describes himself as a 'fundamentalist' (usuli) while Khatami and Rafsanjani have treated the term as an insult and tried to sell themselves as 'moderate', a meaningless term in a totalitarian regime.
(23) Moreover, the contemporary Iranian Shi'ite community almost exclusively follows the Twelver denomination and the usuli, or rationalist, judicial school.
Shi'i Islamic leaders waged an intense political and theological war as the Usuli and Akhbari schools wrestled with the concepts of ijtihad and taqlid; a warfare that focused on the political role of the religious elite.
The editors note that the terms usuliyya and usuli have totally different connotations in the Arabic language than do "fundamentalism" and "fundamentalist" in English.
In addition, it makes a difference whether an usuli belongs to the school of the theologians (mainly Mu'tazilis and Shafi'is) or the jurists (Hanafis).
Iklim degisikligi sorunu ile uluslararasi duzeyde mucadele edilme surecine yonelik temel ilkelerin belirlenmesi; kurumsal ve usuli temellerin atilmasi; baslica yukumluluklerin ortaya konulmasi BMIDCS ile yapilmis, Kyoto Protokolu ile yukumlulukler somut ve ayrintili hale getirilmistir.
This produced over time a new denominational configuration, claiming enhanced temporal authority for the clergy in the social and legal spheres, along with receding literalist traditionalism (Akhbari), a dominant rationalist fundamentalism (Usuli), and an emerging patriarchal ecstaticism (Shaykhi) as competing denominations.
In Iran, there is a rise in ulama power, which is directly related to a governmental 'power vacuum'."(3) A new institutional development in Shi'ism in the late eighteenth century, the rise of the Usuli school and the decline of the Akhbari provided a strong organizational ideology for ulama political action, further enhancing their power and influence in society.
He was instrumental in establishing the Usuli school in Oudh and also for a campaign against Sufism." (45) This work was published in 'Azimabad, presumably sometime before 1894, the year of the author's death.