Uruguay River

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a South American river that arises in southern Brazil and flows south to the Rio de la Plata

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Thus, the aims of this study were to analyze the limnologic parameters and to detect and quantify heavy metal concentrations (Cd, Cu, and Mn) in water samples from the Salso I Stream, a tributary of the Uruguay River, and from the river in Uruguaiana (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) in order to obtain the realistic water quality conditions.
flavescens coming from the rivers Alpestre (27[degrees] 04'49"S53[degrees] 01'51"W), Rio dos Indios (27[degrees] 18' 00" S-52[degrees] 50' 27" W), Erechim (Horto Florestal, 27[degrees] 38' 03" S-52[degrees] 16' 26" W) and Mato Castelhano (FLONA Passo Fundo, 28[degrees] 16' 42" S-52[degrees] 11' 30" W), in Rio Grande do Sul state, and from Chapeco (border of Uruguay river, 27[degrees] 05' 04" S-52[degrees] 37' 06" W), in Santa Catarina state was used (Figure 1).
Locals say floods are common in the region, but this time around the government decided to open up three dams on the Uruguay River above the city, meaning it took the brunt of the excess water.
Early the next morning after a hearty breakfast, we made the short drive to the fishing camp on the Uruguay River.
1) located near to the Parana River (area 1) and the Uruguay River (area 2), each with a similar depth, a small area, sand-fine sediments and a variable composition of aquatic plants.
On the northern shores of the Uruguay River, near the Argentine border, visitors can enjoy hot springs, immersing themselves in waters that bubble up temperatures between 38 and 45 degrees centrigrade.
The basin of Farrapos wetlands is located on the east bank of the Uruguay River between San Javier and Nuevo Berlin towns, in the Department of Rio Negro (Uruguay).
Ence, a Spanish company, had planned to build another mill on the Uruguay river, but it has changed its plans and sold its project, which is yet to be constructed at a site further away from the Argentinian border.
Argentina claimed that Uruguay didn't consult it before the projects began, violating the terms of the Uruguay River Treaty, which requires both countries to inform each other of any project that could have an effect on the river.
Located in the Uruguay River basin within de los Campos District of Paranaense biogeographic Province and Campos y Malezales Eco-Region.
60 billion in plans to build two pulp mills on the Uruguay River, the International Court of Justice ruled.
The mill being built on the bank of the Uruguay River has met with opposition in Argentina, and Argentina has referred Uruguay to the International Court of Justice, reported the Finnish news agency STT.
The European pulp company Grupo Empresarial Ence SA has halted the construction of a $500-million pulp mill on the Uruguay River for 90 days while Argentina and Uruguay study the environmental effects to a river in both countries.
The plants are to be built on the Uruguay River, which delineates the border between Uruguay and Argentina.
Lopez could still have intervened by moving down the Uruguay river, or along the Parana river to the west.