Uruguay River

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a South American river that arises in southern Brazil and flows south to the Rio de la Plata

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Locals say floods are common in the region, but this time around the government decided to open up three dams on the Uruguay River above the city, meaning it took the brunt of the excess water.
Early the next morning after a hearty breakfast, we made the short drive to the fishing camp on the Uruguay River.
The plants are to be built on the Uruguay River, which delineates the border between Uruguay and Argentina.
This study also showed the circulation of LEC genotype in the western location of Soriano, 250 km from Montevideo, separated from the Argentinean central HPS-endemic area by the Uruguay River.
The Austral airlines DC-9 jet went down on a farm near Nuevo Berlin, on the banks of the Uruguay River which separates Uruguay and Argentina.
MAB representatives included people from communities threatened by planned dams in the central Amazon who had travelled for up to a week by boat and bus to reach Curitiba; farmers displaced by Itaparica Dam who have just filed a claim with the World Bank's inspection panel, arguing that Bank financing of the dam violated its rules on resettlement and environmental protection; people living downstream of the huge Tucurul Dam in the eastern Amazon, who have suffered filthy water, an explosion in mosquitoes and increased disease since the Tocantins River was impounded; and representatives of the rural communities in the Uruguay River basin which have been successfully fighting a proposed complex of 22 dams for 20 years.
Other shots focus on machinery as geometric abstraction: the massive turbine blades of Presa Salto Grande on the Uruguay River (a hydroelectric project for which Dieste served as technical consultant), the hydraulic jacks he designs to lift and drop construction forms, and wheeled contraptions on tracks to move the jacks and forms.
project on the Uruguay river (on the border with Brazil) was scheduled to be announced in March 2012, and plans for new wind power capacity have also been revealed.
The project is located on the Uruguay River along the Argentina/Uruguay border.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Beginning today, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, The Netherlands, will hear three weeks of final arguments in a closely watched dispute over sustainable development between the nations of Uruguay and Argentina over a paper mill on the Uruguay River.
The Uruguay River port is considered one of the country's most important for citrus, rice and lumber, and the accident slowed its growth considerably.
An earlier widely distributed epidemic in 1916 occurred in the coastal region along the Uruguay River (Corrientes and Entre Rios provinces), reached Parana City (along the Parana River), and affected approximately 50% of the city's population (3).
Francisco del Puerto, cabin boy of the Spanish expedition that subsequently ventured into the estuary up to the mouth of the Uruguay River, was the first white man to actually occupy the country.
Many plant species documented here are likely to have been swept in along the Parand, Uruguay Rivers or their tributaries (Faggi & Czgononi 1987).
Eventually, the region under this order's command stretched from present southern Paraguay across the Parana and Uruguay rivers into what is now the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.