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The first BYD electric buses will arrive in Uruguay before end of 2012 with targets to have over 500 buses running on roads by 2015.
In addition, the current President of Uruguay addressed the AJC Global Forum in 2005, and a previous President spoke at the AJC Global Forum in 1998, when Uruguay was honored on the occasion of Israel's 50th anniversary for its key role in Israel's establishment.
Rodriguez scored a goal on the 28th minute and Uruguay were quick to attempt a counter attack only to be thwarted by flawless defending by the Colombians.
Colombia have won one Copa America, Uruguay have won 15.
SECOND CHOICE Mark is a Scotland fan but supports Uruguay at World Cup as we failed to qualify
Many investments in Uruguay started at the Uruguayan Embassies where the staff "guided" the projects to an advanced point.
Drug trafficking to and through Uruguay has steadily increased over the past several years as drug traffickers from Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico capitalize on its readily exploitable infrastructure.
The finding read by court president Rosalyn Higgins said, "There is no urgency for the measures that Uruguay seeks.
The paper mill project would be the largest industrial investment in Uruguay ever, according to an April 12, 2006 report by the BBC News.
In a basic transmission experiment, two groups of five apparently healthy frogs from affected tanks were placed in separate aquaria, one contained five frogs from an unaffected farm in Uruguay and the other empty.
However, other positive trends and mitigating factors signal that Uruguay could be upgraded to 'BBB-' over the Outlook horizon of 12 to 18 months.
The principal target market for frac sands from Uruguay is Argentina s Vaca Muerta Shale Basin, which is ranked as the world s third largest shale-hosted gas reserve, and its fourth largest shalehosted oil reserve.
GUS POYET has told England boss Roy Hodgson he would not waste a tenner backing England against Uruguay.
uk/world/2013/apr/11/uruguay-legalises-same-sex-marriage) gay marriage has been made in Uruguay , making the country the third to do so in the Americas after Canada and Argentina.
15, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In the middle of the night, tacked onto another bill, the lower house of Uruguay's congress passed a bill to legalize abortion 50-49 - yet the most recent polls show that Uruguay citizens oppose this decision.