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They are associated with relatively rare pollen and spores of vascular plants, where indicative for mangrove vegetation - Rhizophora, Avicennia, Cecropia, Urticales, Alchornea, Piperaceae, Poaceae, Cyperaceae and rare spores of some ferns were encountered.
Ficus is a large genus of the family moraceae in the order Urticales (Olorode, 1984).
Fabaceae (Rosid 1B) are common hosts in Riodinidae and Lycaenidae, and perhaps Urticales (Rosid 1B) together with Passifloraceae and related families (Rosid 1A) could be said to be predominant hosts in Nymphalidae, although this is a very large generalization.
Holes made elsewhere on the stem rupture phloem tubes and lead to the rapid filling of internodes with mucilaginous sap, a general feature of the Urticales.
Solereder (1908) noted the presence of silica and carbonates in the wood and leaves of many genera within the Urticales (his Urticaceae).
Mulberry trees, which belong to the Urticales order, Moraceae family and Morus genus, have been used traditionally as a major feed for silkworms in Vietnam and over the world (Tingzing et al.
Araliaceae (Lindley, 1846) or Urticales (Jussieu, 1789; Bartling, 1830;