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Las semillas Brassica rapa L.(Brassicaceae), Fuertesimalva echinata (C.Presl) Fryxell (Malvaceae), Urtica urens L.(Urticaceae) y Lupinus ballianus C.P.
Plant collection and extract preparation: Fresh plant materials of Argemone subfusiformis and Urtica urens were collected in November 2006 from the wild around the University of Fort Hare campus, Alice, South Africa.
If the rash starts to reappear try Urtica Urens cream.
The items include arnica, for pain relief; belladonna, to treat fever; chamomile, a teething remedy; colocynthis, for colic; pulsatilla, for runny nose; and urtica urens, to treat diaper rash.
Anthropogenic indicators such as Chenopodium album, greater celandine (Chelidonium majus) and annual nettle (Urtica urens) also occur, but they might originate from the uppermost layer, as we do not know the degree of contamination of the layers.
Dried or fresh leaves or flowering aerial parts of Urtica dioica L., Urtica urens L., their hybrids or mixtures of these are recommended for symptomatic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis and for increased diuresis, e.g.
Or if someone's suffering from a burning or stinging condition on their skin, practitioners would use a remedy of urtica urens (from the common stinging nettle) to combat it.
Urtica urens Erythema, hives and contact allergies resulting in itching and burning skin symptoms which may alternate with arthritic symptoms are often seen here.