Ursus horribilis

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powerful brownish-yellow bear of the uplands of western North America

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The fight to protect the remnants of Ursus horribilis is picking up steam, but many roadblocks remain.
Thus we got stuck with the canine equivalent of Ursus horribilis. There were times when his attitude was so bearish, in the stock market sense, that my sanity was in question.
Chester, old Ursus horribilis, was my last Chesapeake Bay retriever.
48 Ursus horribilis is the vivid scientific name of which large land animal?
The one true symbol of the wilderness today is the grizzly bear - Ursus horribilis. Grizzlies and humans just don't get along.
Over the past two years there's been threatening talk about taking Ursus horribilis off the endangered list.
If those bureaucrats were truly to defend the bear, they would be obstructing the designs of some of the most ruthless lobbies in America, for whom Ursus horribilis has been an irksome obstruction to making money.