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En Urosaurus ornatus y Uta stansburiana (Hover 1985, Sinervo & Lively 1996) los machos de color naranja suelen ser los mas grandes y agresivos, y asimismo defienden territorios grandes.
An experimental study of interspecific competition between the iguanid lizards Sceloporus merriami and Urosaurus ornatus.
Regulation of physiological color change in dorsal skin of male tree lizards, Urosaurus ornatus.
For example, annual variation in mean clutch sizes of Urosaurus ornatus is correlated with climatic factors (presumably operating via changes in prey availability; Ballinger 1977, Smith et al.
Late summer behavior of the lizards Sceloporus merriami and Urosaurus ornatus in the field.
Urosaurus ornatus, Sceloporus clarkii, and Sceloporus tristichus were detected most frequently (Table 1).
undulatus Texas NA Urosaurus ornatus Arizona NA Texas NA Teiidae Cnemidophorus dixoni Texas 3/58 (5%) C.
Demography of the tree lizard, Urosaurus ornatus, in central Arizona.
Throat colour reliably signals status in male tree lizards, Urosaurus ornatus.
bilineatus contained a Urosaurus ornatus, and three juvenile M.
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undulatus, Cophosaurus texanus, and Urosaurus ornatus from Presidio County, Texas (Specian & Ubelaker 1974a), and U.