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Here we analyze the maxilla of two closely-related species of the Phrynosomatidae from western North America: Uta stansburiana (Common Side-blotched Lizard) and Urosaurus ornatus (Ornate Tree Lizard).
Deep biogeographical history and cytonuclear discordance in the black-tailed brush lizard (Urosaurus nigricaudus) of Baja California.
Demographic and life-history variation among populations of the iguanid lizard Urosaurus ornatus: implications for the study of life-history phenomena in lizards Herpetologica 38:208-221.
Males of the tree lizard, Urosaurus ornatus, display two color morphs, the morph expressed in the adult depending on the level of testosterone during early growth (Hews et al.
Male tree lizards, Urosaurus ornatus, come in two colors.
Cats are also a threat to the Socorro Blue Lizard (Urosaurus auriculatus; Arnaud et al., 1994), and Townsend's Shearwater (Puffmus auricularis; Llinas-Gutierrez, 1994).
Ecology, reproduction and reproductive effort of the iguanid lizard Urosaurus graciosus on the Lower Colorado River.
Within Phrynosomatinae are the genera Callisaurus, Cophosaurus, Holbrookia, Phrynosoma, and Uma, and within Sceloporinae are Petrosaurus, Sceloporus, Urosaurus, and Uta.
Previous studies showed the importance of body temperature to color change in several species of predominantly diurnal lizards (e.g., Urosaurus ornatus, Phrynosoma cornutum, and Sceloporus jarrovii) as a consequence of thermoregulatory issues (Sherbrooke et al.
The black-tailed brush lizard, Urosaurus nigrieaudus (Cope, 1864), is found in a variety of habitats along the eastern side of the Peninsular Ranges from San Diego County, California, southward to the Cape Region of Baja California (Grismer 2002).
Abbreviations as shown in Table 2 Species Reference Food Resources Other Plethodon vehiculum Ovaska, 1988 [P] DS HB Family Iguanidae Case, 1978 [P, C] PD Anolis aeneus Stamps, 1973 [P] DS, QN Urosaurus ornatus M'Closkey et al., 1987 [E] MA Sceloporus jarrovi Middendorf, 1979 [P, E] QN PO Sceloporus undulatus Ferguson et al., 1983 [E] QN Ctenosaura hemilopha Brattstrom, 1974 [E] DS Ctenosaura pectinata Evans, 1951 [C] DS Sauromalus obesus tumidus Prieto and Ryan, 1978 [P, C] QN PO Ecological variables listed by species of birds.
stansburiana in vegetation; arboreal Urosaurus [Iguanidae] are absent on our study islands).
Manipulation of egg production reveals cost of reproduction in the tree lizard (Urosaurus ornatus).