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the address of a web page on the world wide web

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In addition to malicious URLs, the latest ESRA report also found 24,908,891 spam emails, 26,713 malware attachments, 53,753 impersonation attacks, and 23,872 dangerous file types of the 232,010,981 total emails inspected were all missed by these incumbent security solution providers and delivered to inboxes, putting individuals and organisations at risk.
New York [U.S.A], Apr 1 ( ANI ): Technology giant Google on Sunday announced that it is shutting down its URL shortening service, goo.gl.
Many spammers are using the free, public URL shortening services.
It is important, at least for key landing pages, to construct URLs that will survive these transitions.
As analysis in Section 3.3, even URLs are different; if they are requested by the same autoware then the access graphs look similar, as can be seen in Figure 5.
This study, thus, is proposing a machine learning technique which combines URL characteristics, web page contents, domain name features, Alexa's site ranking and top search engines' results to predict unknown phishing URLs.
In this section, we look through different methodologies adopted for identifying URL based Phishing and CSRF attacks.
Hiding the full URL makes it even harder to distinguish between legitimate and phony Web site.
We considered whether sources using digit-free URLs (rather than URLs themselves) might be culpable.
Google's Saurabh Sharma — who has a custom URL himself now — wrote on Google+ today that "we'll be offering custom URLs to many more profiles and pages in the future."
Earlier, Google+ custom URLs rolled out to a limited number of 'verified' users.
This month's analysis reveals that for the first time, spammers have established a genuine URL shortening service that is publically available and will generate real shortened links.
A total number of 1049 Web citations (URLs), as obtained from the bibliographies of 231 papers, have been analyzed and the necessary interpretations were made.
Some people have voiced concerns about the longevity of shortened links, pointing out that the generated URLs would disappear if the managing company went out of business, contributing to what techies have taken to calling "link rot" (the tendency of hyperlinks to become invalid over time, due to sites changing or vanishing).
IT security firm Finjan said it welcomes the news that Twitter has quietly started checking URLs entered into user messages on its microblogging service.