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Synonyms for urgent

Synonyms for urgent

compelling immediate attention

firm or obstinate, as in making a demand or maintaining a stand

Synonyms for urgent

compelling immediate action


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Urger was caught after his DNA was found on the gearstick and handbrake of the car, as well as his fingerprints being on the outside of the driver's door.
Urger was built at the Johnson Brothers' Shipyard in Ferrysburg, Michigan.
Urger didn't stop, he continued driving before leaving the car and running off on High Road inWood Greenon October 4, 2017.
The 2k is a greatr eventv and I look forwarwdr to starting it and I urger everv yor ne to come and join us.
ONE 1 fop, 4 sir, 7 luv, 10 oxy, 13 bar* bra, 16 due, 21 jiz*, 22 jak TWO 4 sax, 6 cuz, 8 web, 15 lid, 18 log*, 21 jor, 24 rum* THREE 7 alloy loyal, 10 boord brood, 13 regur urger, 22 panda FOUR 12 grad drag FIVE 9 oner rone, 10 fops, 19 boxy, 22 bare bear brae, 25 hued SIX 3 lay, 6 yod, 11 dit tid, 12 jeu, 16 yin, 22 toe SEVEN 4 wizir (OED), 13 friar EIGHT 7 nopal, 11 perst perts prest strep, 22 caped paced NINE 7 pulu, 11 typy, 13 vara, 18 waff TEN 1 fou ufo, 11 pye yep, 13 gar rag, 15 cit tic, 16 jud, 22 jap TWELVE 22 A-sharp (W2) Sharpa (OED) THIRTY 11 ejects, 21 dotcom (The Dotcom Dictionary) tomcod FORTY 15 duing FIFTY 25 hexes SIXTY 6 dozey (OED), 21 stond
r "I urger the health boardr to proper r ly r explainx whyth his processr hastakenk so long and to fully dl isclose all costs involvel d."
G Dr Lyonsy added: "VaccinV -ation sessions are cr ontinuing n in schoolsc throughout r Walesa and I urger pupils and their parentsr totakeak dvantagea of these.
urCBD urgers its customers to take advantage of these limited time offers soon.
Here Phillips offers a historical overview of United States electorcal history and urgers Republicans to forego Northern voters in favor of Southerners.
You can also make Thai, Moroccan or Indian burgers b addi n urgers by adding dif fe rent spices.
The roughly two-inch-square hamb urgers cost a nickel.
B URGERS are sizzling on the barbecue, the sky is clear - it ought to be perfect.
Municipal councils are considering `outsourcing' their long established libraries in the name of `competition' and top library jobs tend to go to urgers who know the jargon of modern business managerial practice without demonstrating any sense of the underlying meaning of the words.