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The production of hydrocarbons in the Urga field began in July 2017, in the Chandyr group of fields in November 2017 and in the Akchalak group of fields in September 2018.
Rifki Urga, KraI'm ozel tabibi ve krallik hanedaninin doktoru olarak saraydaki hizmetinin disinda, Sihhiye Dairesi'nin musaviri, Mulkiye Hastanesi'nin cerrahi mutehassisligi gorevlerini ustlenmistir.
But Urga and other fields have since gone to Gazprom.
Dikasso, D., Makonnen, E., Debella, A., Abebe, D., Urga, K., Makonnen, W., Melaku, D., Assefa, A., Makonnen, Y.
However, Rockinger and Urga (32) have concluded in their study that Czech and Hungarian markets are significantly influenced by German market.
Luego, en la seccion III se exponen algunas de las pruebas de backtesting de mayor uso en la literatura y se incluye la prueba que recientemente propusieron Leccadito, Boffelli y Urga (2014).
Do ponto de vista estatistico, essa tarefa difere da deteccao ex-post de quebras estruturais em series de tempo como em Banerjee & Urga (2005), uma vez que a deteccao no presente contexto precisa ser feita sequencialmente em tempo real.
215 (2004); Alexander Mertens & Giovanni Urga, Efficiency.
Martin Marietta Materials participated in this year's 12th annual Upper Guadalupe River Authority (URGA) clean-up on July 25.
Kositany picked up a first prize of PS3,000 but missed out on the bonus prize of PS3,000 on offer to beat the course record of 2:13.41 set by Urga Negewo in 2012.
In his Mongolian Campaign, aimed at imperial restoration, Ungern successfully captured and held the Mongolian city of Urga. His subsequent unsuccessful attack on the Red stronghold in the city of Kiakhta (back across the Russian border) culminated in his capture, trial and execution by the Bolsheviks.
In 1920, Urga, then the capital of Mongolia, was taken by Baron Roman Nikolaus von Ungern-Sternberg, a Russian anti-Bolshevik general who established a subordinate government.
Similar result was reported by Abuye and Urga in their study conducted in four administrative regions of Ethiopia [15].
Urga (2007), "Methods of Privatisation and Economic Growth Transition Economies," Economics of Transition, Volume 15, 24.
For instance, Aizenman and Marion (1999), Driver, Temple, and Urga (2005), and Baum, Stephan, and Talavera (2009) are among others who use this approach.