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United States chemist who discovered deuterium (1893-1981)

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Epstein S, Buchsbaum R, Lowenstam HA, Urey HC (1953) Revised carbonatewater isotopic temperature scale.
Urey may find themselves facing far greater tax burdens than they expected or needed to pay in later years.
As a student in the College, from which he graduated in 1950, he had Nobel laureates Enrico Fermi (physics) and Harold Urey (chemistry) as teachers (one wonderful, one less so).
Q: What do you think of Benoni Urey, who says he will run for president in 2017.
Vesely faced Danny Urey from Cheshire, in the Round of 16 and he lost the first set 7-6, won the next set 6-0, only to lose a match tie-breaK 10-7, meaning he would go to the consolation draw.
En esta linea, cabe recalcar la terapia multisistemica de Henggeler (Henggeler, Rodick, Borduin, Hanson, Watson y Urey, 1986) aplicada a la intervencion con jovenes que han cometido delitos, donde se valora la intervencion de forma coordinada con los sistemas que inciden, en su desarrollo, esto es, la familia, el grupo de pares y la escuela (De la Pena, 2003).
Urey scowled and hissed, and the bigger of the two let fly an enormous wad of spit.
Urey, reports that the black and white film used (Kodak SO-136) was not very sensitive in the hydrogen-alpha part of the spectrum, but more sensitive at longer wavelengths, which when combined with focal length changes (focus made in visible light, but film more sensitive to longer wavelengths) at different wavelengths, was unlikely to have recorded the TLP in detail.
Sin embargo, existen distintos desarrollos que merecen ser mencionados y tomados en cuenta en el estudio de Urey, Chellappan, Erden y Surman (2011).
Urey Prize lecture: planetary evolution and the origin of life.
The Journal would like to express gratitude to Guliz Korkmaz Tirkes and Ozan Bilge, who initiated the process, and we thank Ozgur Urey for his contribution in processing the articles to make them suitable on a search engine with keywords.
Andra Urey, director of sales, has been in the firearms industry for 15 years.
Her persistence and strong desire to pursue an undergraduate research project (by replicating the 1953 experiments of Stanley Miller and Harold Urey on the "pre-life" evolution of the molecular building blocks of complex biological molecules that are required for life to exist, Miller 1953; Miller & Urey 1959) were all she needed to nudge her professors into a long-lasting, cross-disciplinary collaboration focused on integrating student-initiated research projects into the undergraduate science curriculum.
Researchers have developed more than 30 different models for how these features of the climate might have changed in the past, in the course of a debate, which has endured for more than 60 years since pioneering work by Nobel Laureate Harold Urey in 1946.