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United States chemist who discovered deuterium (1893-1981)

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Urey worked under various Liberian governments in the past, but his highest position in government was under former President Charles Taylor as the commissioner for maritime affairs, though he has never been a politician.
Hall appealed to Harold Urey for help in an attempt to gain some distance from the controversial reports, as Hall did not have the time to devote to the issue and felt unqualified to publicly speculate on the possible cause of the phenomena: Hall J.
16]O isotopes (which differ in their rotational energies) in calcite and seawater at the time of shell deposition, as described in Urey (1948) and Zeebe and WolfGladrow (2001).
The U10 green event was won by Harrison Birch of Wrexham, who beat Dan Urey 4/0 4/1 in the final on a very wet day.
University of Texas tight end Blaine Urey severely injured his leg two years ago.
First, many of us were taught the Miller and Urey experiments in high school biology, which demonstrated that complex molecules could be generated from simple ones present in the primordial seas when subjected to pulses of energy, such as ionizing radiation or electrical storms, both ubiquitous in the early life of the earth.
Heavy hydrogen atoms, now known as deuterium, are discovered by Harold Urey and George M.
Claudia Urey is from Leon, Nicaragua, and has been in New York and New Jersey since she arrived in the United States seven years ago.
The FBI saw Bill Vanderpool emerge as the champion of the "high capacity" 9mm, and Urey Patrick as the standard bearer for the .
The desired end-state of engaging another human being with lethal fire is incapacitation, which may be defined as a "sudden physical or mental inability to pose any further" threat to friendly forces, according to FBI Special Agent Urey W.
With a catchy beat and rock 'n' roll edge, Joel delivers a powerful and fun message to children about a healthy lifestyle," said Gary Urey, the American Health Association's senior director for youth markets.
Internal coordinates and Urey Bradley force constants (md/A).
I went to my adviser, Harold Clayton Urey (the discoverer of deuterium), and told him the facts and asked what I should do.
See, for example, Edward Clay, Barry Riley, and Ian Urey, The Development Effectiveness of Food Aid and the Effects of Its Tying Status (Paris: OECD, 2006).