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Synonyms for urban

Synonyms for urban

of, in, or belonging to a city

Antonyms for urban

located in or characteristic of a city or city life


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Value Tax (LVT) as the next major initiative New Urbanists should
Bess has long served as an unlikely apostle to New Urbanists and conservatives alike, neither of whom seem to get the other.
114) At this level of development, new urbanists predominantly focus on
Those who do not share this outlook, from High Modernists to New Urbanists, tend to be snobbish about it.
If New Urbanism is a good that ought to be implemented through laws and municipal codes, (9) then "New Urbanists can hardly make a credible intellectual claim that traditional urbanism is a genuine good, but all other goods are relative.
Euclidian zoning, with its emphasis on separating uses, has been strongly criticized by new urbanists for allowing and even mandating sprawl.
Wheatley has addressed a long-standing need in Islamic studies for an accomplished geographer and urbanist to subject the rich geographical and historical data of the Islamic past to critical analysis.
Although not all new urbanists are neo-traditionalists, an attachment to pre-modern and classical visions of urban form and pattern permeates new urban approaches.
Squares; a public place design guide for urbanists.
Randal O'Toole and Stephen Town contend that community designs by New Urbanists "almost invariably increase crime.
at the Seawell Ballroom, Denver Center of the Performing Arts, Joel Kotkin and Richard Florida, two urbanists, will discuss their differing philosophies for economic development.
Instead, New Urbanists look at a continuum of varying densities, unified by an attempt to create a sense of community in a district that invites walking to a full range of community destinations.
Building on the Garden City and City Beautiful movements and harking back to livable towns (Charleston, Savannah), New Urbanists believe that "urbanism" can work in a community of any scale and is as appropriate in a new growth area or suburb as in the central city.