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To solve the problem of low-quality rice, Iraqi Trade Minister Khayrullah Hassan says the plan is to get rice from Uraguay.
New publications in the US, Britain, France, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Uraguay include Volume 18 of The Brownings' Correspondence, a monograph by Simon Avery, more than twenty book chapters and articles, and a popularizing biography; there are also new digital resources.
As part of the planned measures, contacts between the private sectors of both Lebanon and Uraguay would be boosted, the statement added.
* After the terrible period of dictatorship, Uraguay has clearly demonstrated its success in consolidating a complete democratic process with governments of differing political tendencies.
And in the past six years it has increased its turnover 13 fold from pounds 14 million to more than pounds 187 million, with two factories in Coventry, one in Nuneaton, one in Jordan and a start-up site in Uraguay.
Outro exemplo esta no artigo Refutacao das calunias contra os jesuitas contidas no poema Uraguay' de Jose Basilio da Gama, onde o autor (anonimo) ressaltou sua grande veneracao pelos relevantes servicos prestados por estes religiosos.
The Chamber's work in Latin America is expanding with projects in the pipeline and being delivered in Ecuador, Guatemala, Uraguay, Chile and Mexico.
The local school, Republica Oriental Del Uraguay at Las Terrazas, was vibrant and noisy as children poured out at the end of the day.
Another French grape which migrated to South America is the rarely seen Tannat, now making a name for itself in Uraguay. Look out for names like Chateau Bouscasse, Chateau Montus, Domaine Barthoumieu, Domaine du Crampilh, and Chateau Peyros.
At 2,000gns was Marwin Uraguay, a 19-month-old son of Ick and out of Cirencester Japonica, bred by EE and MR Smith, of Grange Farm Cottage, Scalford, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.
Carrasco had predicted Uraguay would have at least 18 shots on goal and carve six 'clear-cut' scoring chances.
15, 1994, Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization, Annex 2, THE RESULTS OF THE URAGUAY ROUND OF THE MULTILATERAL TRADE NEGOTIATIONS--THE LEGAL TEXTS vol.
Breeding potential of maize accessions from Argentina, Chile, USA, and Uraguay. Crop Sci.
It's a value added service that's difficult to provide through a correspondent banking relationship." HSBC IN LATIN AMERICA Panama HSBC Bank USA 16 Offices Argentina HSBC Bank Argentina 226 Offices Brazil HSBC Bank Brazil 1632 Offices Chile HSBC Bank USA 2 Offices Uraguay HSBC Bank (Uraguay) SA 4 Offices Venezuela HSBC Bank PLC 1 Representative office Mexico * HSBC Bank Mexico SA 3 Offices * acquiring Grupo Financiero Bital
Financial deregulation, a multilateral initiative since the 1994 Uraguay round of GATT reforms (Braithwaite and Drahos, 2000), was intended to make the Canadian financial sector more competitive by allowing firms to diversify (and banks in particular to universalize) while opening up the home market to foreign-based institutions.