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a transaction in the stock market at a price above the price of the preceding transaction

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Short Selling on the New York Stock Exchange and the Effects of the Uptick Rule.
The uptick rule was briefly waived for some stocks during a 2004 pilot program implemented by the SEC.
Bill Fleckenstein, who ran a short-only hedge fund that closed in 2009, said that "the lack of the uptick rule had nothing to do with the market collapse in 2008--it was bad policies all around that created that disaster.
The alternative uptick rule (Rule 201) imposes restrictions on short selling only when a stock has triggered a circuit breaker by experiencing a price decline of at least 10 per cent in one day.
after studying the effects of repealing the tick test, said that "we do not find any evidence that this more aggressive shorting activity destabilizes stock prices in any way, and in fact short sellers seem to be even more important contributors to efficient share prices after the uptick rule is removed.
The alternative uptick rule would allow short selling only at an increment above the national best bid.
The uptick rule requires that a stock rise in price before it can be sold short.
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) eliminated the uptick rule, which regulated the short selling of stocks.
They eliminated last year the uptick rule that has protected investors for 70 years.
The uptick rule occasionally limits a firm's ability to implement a significant short trade of 20 to 40 stocks at a time.
Over 5,600 Investors Have Signed Petition Calling for Reinstatement of Uptick Rule
To complete the rescue," he proposed, in addition to reinstating the uptick rule, a second act that would not have "cost the taxpayers one dollar: an announcement from the Federal Reserve that it will be lender of last resort to all depository institutions including money market funds.
However, the move to decimalization of stock prices in the 1990's, coupled with computerized trading, made the uptick rule less effective (Alexander & Peterson, 2002; Chemmanur & Wilhelm, 2002).
NIRI supports a comprehensive evaluation of market stabilizing systems and processes during times of extreme volatility such as some form of short selling uptick rule or circuit breakers.
BATS, NYSE and NASDAQ Join in Letter Regarding New Short Sale Rules, Propose Modified Uptick Rule with Circuit Breaker