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the highest or uppermost side of anything

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The stock was traded at around NOK34 last Friday, which gives it an upside potential of 41%.
In a statement, the American bank said, 'We consider Hapoalim offers one of Israel's best risk/reward investments, with significant upside potential and very limited downside risk.
Many tax-deferred annuities offer death and income benefits while offering upside potential in the stock market.
And the convertible security has upside potential, an advantage that no money-market instrument or even most straight bonds can't match.
The estimates of the reserves are not aggressive and there is a clear upside potential there," Binnion said today at Pareto Securities' Oil and Offshore Conference in Oslo.
The call option limits the stock's upside potential.
As a key component of its strategy, the Company intends to meaningfully enhance its visibility to the investment community by further strengthening its reserve base, enacting a corporate name change to eliminate confusion regarding its activities and achieve greater exposure and upside potential through larger working interests in several highly visible resource plays.
The vacant space in the portfolio offers huge upside potential by adding a possible $1 million plus in rental addition through lease-up.
securities can offer investors a product that aims to produce better upside potential than the market with less relative risk," said Robert Garvy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of INTECH.
The average rent per unit amounts to $810 per month, also leaving the purchaser with measurable upside potential.
We continue to believe in the transformational nature of our product and the tremendous upside potential of the large-format flexible packaging category.
Numerous other factors contributed to the strong appeal of this portfolio, including the fee simple interests, the rebranding opportunities, the upside potential through renovations and the potential recapture of the management fee-income stream.
CHICAGO -- Jim Collins, editor of the OTC Insight newsletter, believes the current marketeIUs upside potential outweighs the downside risk for investors who do their homework.
This is an exceptional asset that still possesses a tremendous amount of upside potential.
While the sentiment rundown presented later in this piece will show that many other brokerage firms tend to agree that CY is not a "buy," I would like to highlight why I believe that the shares need not rely solely on fundamentals to achieve upside potential.