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a city in east central Sweden to the northwest of Stockholm

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La Universidad de Upsala ha sido, por mas de cincuenta anos, hasta la final del Siglo XIX, dominada en Filosofia por el Idealismo de corte fichtiano, schellingiano y hegeliano de Christopher Jacob Bostrom (1797-1866), profesor en Filosofia practica.
The Upsala Area School District in Minnesota created early retirement incentives.
A graduate of Upsala College with a bachelor's degree in management and marketing, Cohorsky is a member of the Industrial and Office Real Estate Brokers Association of the New York Metropolitan Area, Inc.
Huey is a 1993 graduate of New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University, following early art training at the former Upsala College in New Jersey.
IFU Arena is a limited liability company that has been formed by the Uppsala Floorball Alliance and Upsala IF, the athletics association.
Researcher Henrik Viberg told the Upsala Nya Tidning newspaper that this shows that there are reasons to restrict the use of paracetamol at the end of pregnancy and to hold back from giving the medicine to infants.
She later earned her degree from Upsala College in theater arts, married, bore and raised two lovely children and settled in Cape Ann on Massachusetts's North Shore.
For the Swedish daily Upsala Nya Tidning, Greece will slide into anarchy whatever the outcome of the vote: "The Greeks' trust in their politicians continues to diminish, and with good reason.
The tourist, who captured the incredible video, was travelling near the Upsala Glacier in Argentina.
La purificacion de las Lfs bovina y porcina se realizo mediante cromatografia de intercambio ionico, en un equipo cromatografico AKTA Purifier (GE Healthcare, Upsala, Suecia).
As we near the giant Upsala Glacier, an icon of global warming for scientists, we can see large furrows on the millenary body of ice--evidence of melting.
Local tour operators offer one-day catamaran cruises on Lake Argentino to view the Upsala, Spegassini and Onelli glaciers.
Headquartered in St Cloud, Minnesota, Stearns Bank is independently owned and manages currently more than USD1bn in assets with locations in St Cloud, Albany, Pine City, North Branch, Holdingford, and Upsala MN, along with Scottsdale, Arizona.
Upsala was a magnet program of mainly juniors who chose to enroll in a law-related course that also functions as the student court for the school.
I traveled north as far as Thunder Bay and the little town of Upsala and south all the way to Chatham and Windsor by train, plane and car.