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one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and the premolars

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Specific carcass parts prohibited from being imported into PA by hunters are: head (including brain, tonsils, eyes, and retropharyngeal lymph nodes); spinal cord/backbone; spleen; skull plate with attached antlers and cape, if visible brain or spinal cord material is present; upper canine teeth, if root structure or other soft material is present; any object or article containing visible brain or spinal cord material; and brain-tanned hides.
Ross said the new order does not limit the importation of the following animal parts originating from any cervid in the quarantined states and provinces: meat, without the backbone; skull plate with attached antlers, tanned hides, raw hides, or cape with no visible brain or spinal cord material present; upper canine teeth with no root structure or soft material present; and taxidermy mounts.
For adult specimens, where possible we measured the maximum diameters of the upper canine teeth ([C.sup.sup]L) and the condylobasal skull length (CBL), as in Dayan et al.
1989; Dayan and Simberloff 1994), this dimorphism is greater for the maximum diameter of the upper canine teeth than for condylobasal skull length, which is often taken as a measure of size in carnivores (Gittleman and Van Valkenburgh 1997).