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United States architect (born in England) (1802-1878)

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Mylan Inc (Nasdaq: MYL), a global pharmaceutical company, announced on September 7, 2012, that it and its subsidiary, Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc, have signed a settlement agreement with Pfizer Inc, Pharmacia & Upjohn Company LLC and Pfizer Health AB.
Region 1 spokesman David Deegan said the work is being carried out under an updated agreement between Pharmacia and Upjohn Co.
Beneficial did a sale-leaseback in 1982 and subsequently sublet the entire campus to Pharmacia & Upjohn.
24) While historically the policy-based thrust behind the privilege centered on the confidential relationship between attorney and client, the present-day concern focuses on promoting "full and frank communication between attorneys and clients," as stated by the Supreme Court in Upjohn.
After developing the first easily digestible pill, he and three brothers founded the Upjohn Pill and Granule Company and revolutionized the field of pharmaceutical medicine.
Eleven years after she began taking estrogen and progestin that Wyeth and Upjohn manufactured, Donna Scroggins was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Upjohn Institute for Employment Research) considers the impact of the Kalamazoo Promise and how it might reverse the decline of the school district and city and serve as a catalyst for economic, educational, and social change.
The debut children's book by author and mother Rebecca Upjohn, Lily and the Paper Man is a story about compassion in cold weather.
the parent of the Pharmacia subsidiary that entered into the License Agreement (Pharmacia and Upjohn Company), nor Pharmacia Corporation, as the ultimate parent company, were proper parties to the ongoing arbitration between NeoPharm and Pharmacia and Upjohn Company.
and Pharmacia & Upjohn joined to create a dynamic, first-tier competitor in the global pharmaceutical industry.
NEU was started 10 years ago by four partners who had worked together since the 1960s and '70s in the R&D lab at Upjohn Co.
Delavirdine is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), manufactured by Pharmacia & Upjohn.
Asda said the move was in support of the Government's Millennium anti- smoking drive and appealed to Nicorette makers Pharmacia & Upjohn not to go to court.
The major Japanese drugmaker shipped as many bottles in early June in time for the June 3 release of the minoxidil hair-growth agent developed by Pharmacia and Upjohn Inc.
In addition to winning consumer loyalty with its high-quality products, Pharmacia & Upjohn strengthens ties to consumers with educational programs.