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Under the terms of the license agreement, Merck will pay to Harvard an upfront fee of USD20 million and will be responsible for development, including clinical development, and for worldwide commercialisation of products.
Cunniffe says the low upfront fee makes Tax SHIELD ideal for those taxpayers whose income is difficult to predict and are concerned about exposure to IRD late payment penalties and UOMI of up to 28 percent.
5% fixed for two years with no upfront fee and limited prepayment.
The company said its cards are the only chance many consumers have of getting a credit card and that its upfront fees of between $25 and $95 differ from those Congress tried to target in the CARD Act of 2009.
People can currently pay for financial advice in two ways: through an upfront fee or through commission paid on any products they buy.
GLYCART will receive an upfront fee, research funding, milestone payments and royalties on product sales.
Additionally, affinity partners pay CalCPA an upfront fee, considered an advance against royalties earned and is not in addition to regular royalties.
There are many options, but a common approach is to charge a one-time, upfront fee to cover the bricks-and-mortar cost and a monthly fee for services rendered.
Rather than taking a transaction fee, Tradeinterchange takes an upfront fee from clients for licensing its technology.
These include offers of cheap and easy loans in exchange for an upfront fee.
NeuroSystec paid to DURECT an undisclosed upfront fee and will make additional payments to DURECT based on the achievement of milestones and research and development activities.
The Department for Education and Skills insisted, however, said that his comments could not be interpreted as meaning Ministers were poised to abolish the current pounds 1,100 upfront fee.
and includes an upfront fee, significant development and commercial milestones and an equity investment by Roche of Stressgen shares.
Let's focus on the creative use of liquidated home equity for the most common upfront fee concept: refundable and non-refundable entry fees.
Nevertheless, an untold number of companies and individuals continue to openly and flagrantly violate the rule, asking on average for an upfront fee of $2,589.