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Synonyms for remake

creation that is created again or anew


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The very idea of a skyscraper for pig breeding is so unrealistic that one can't help feeling that the project isn't really meant to solve the agricultural problems in the densely populated Netherlands, but rather, that it is intended to underscore MVRDV's status as masters of what might be called the data sublime--an updated version of Kant's mathematical sublime, which presents the subject with something so vast as to be beyond its powers of comprehension.
The updated version has improved graphics and animation plus improved gameplay and a host of other tweaks.
In an updated version of the 1990 solo Ceremonial Renewal, Caponigro again evokes images of all things beautiful, delicate, and precious.
Auto Business News-February 14, 2018--Mercedes-Maybach launches updated version of S-Class sedan
True Balance with its new updated version adds a few exciting advancements to the application.
The Transport Department (TD) announced today (July 22) that an updated version of the "Hong Kong eRouting" mobile application has been launched.
21 -- Instagram has rolled out an updated version for the iOS platform, adding a new filter (Mayfair), apart from improved language support and a range of performance improvements.
Printing errors which lead to wrong pages in the buffer can be avoided with the updated version, said the company.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-30 November 2009-Apparent Networks releases updated version of PathView Cloud(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
An updated version of the free software tool for reversed-phase HPLC column selection is available for download.
The updated version of Forecaster features new interfaces for data manipulation, new graphing tools, advanced support for graphical 'drag and drop' and easy modification of historical, call prediction and FTE data.
Any form or document can be created with the JDOCSHELL tool (the updated version of DOCSHELL).
Compatible with the QP-5000 Series of GC/MS instruments, the updated version of GCMSsolution, described in a company brochure, incorporates all of the functionality of GCMSsolution 2.1 to increase productivity, plus it enhances compliance capability with FDA requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and provides support for USEPA, ASTM and NIDA sample processing and reporting format and completeness requirements.
An updated version of the popular "If You're Thinking of Living In ..." column with new graphics and a variety of listings that thoroughly define the neighborhood.
An updated version of Kidspiration for Mac OS X (also $69) for grades K-5 is another new release from Inspiration.