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having the necessary strength or ability


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busy or occupied with

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having the requisite qualities for

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The first task is to define, for each non-prime graph G without reducible triangles, a canonical edge reduction which is unique up to isomorphism. The result of performing the canonical edge reduction will be a graph G', uniquely determined by G up to isomorphism, from which G can be made by edge insertion.
A is a maximal neat-essential extension of G and is unique up to isomorphism over G.
Assuming the !G.sub.i^'s are the same up to isomorphism from model to model, this means that the physical situations represented by the various models of th theory involve the same physical spacetime.
Finally, in the last section we show that for n [greater than or equal to] 3, up to isomorphism, every 2-pyramidal HCS(2n + 2) is generated by exactly two 1-rotational HCS(2n + 1) so that the number of non-isomorphic 2-pyramidal HCS(2n + 2) is exactly half the number of non-isomorphic 1-rotational HCS(2n + 1).