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an agreement that is not in writing and is not signed by the parties but is a real existing contract that lacks only the formal requirement of a memorandum to render it enforceable in litigation

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The court decision made it likely that a written contract not signed by the party being charged would be subject not to the three-year deadline for unwritten contracts but to a two-year deadline.
Understanding this unwritten contract, few of us (http://s3.ibtimes.com/family-guy-pedophilia-gag-draws-boycott-demands-conservative-watchdog-1056554) outside of the Parents Television Council would ever be offended by the show.
Realism, says Osborn, depends on an unwritten contract between writer and reader; the reader will assent to the "mimetic claims of the text" as long as the writer confirms "the reader's expectations," a matter not of reproducing the reader's experience but of confirming "the distinction between the probable and the possible, the imperative and the extraneous and arbitrary" (2, 3).
Its particular evil, as the recent one-day cricket series between Pakistan and England demonstrated, is to fracture the unwritten contract between athlete and spectator.
Indeed, Nasrallah himself would hesitate to destabilize Lebanon, since his unwritten contract with Iran requires him to be prepared to retaliate against Israel in case of an attack against its nuclear facilities.
If he left voluntarily, why is he being paid for the final two years of an unwritten contract? And how is it that the contract remained unwritten?
Advertisers such as these are breaking O'Reilly and Tennant's Great Unwritten Contract, the principle that advertisers should give something in return when they demand our attention: some useful information or entertainment, or both.
We pay taxes implicitly to finance the protection of these commons, but in the past 30 years, this unwritten contract between governments and the people has been broken.
The 9/11 attacks, for instance, prompted the United States to interfere militarily in Afghanistan, a quasi-destitute country home to instigators, financers, plotters, and executors who breached the unwritten contract by virtue of which they enjoyed immunity in their fight against the Soviet enemy of the United States.
According to the London daily Elaph, Amirah said that had an unwritten contract with the owner of 'Rotana,' Prince Walid Bin Talal that she would return the coming season.
But Schultz, whose column is distributed by Creators Syndicate, noted that there is an "unwritten contract with customers.
THIS nation has an unwritten contract with the armed forces.
"He has an unwritten contract. It is based on trust and faith.
Of course, most fans have an unwritten contract with the clubs of their choice, pledging undivided loyalty.
Yankelovich had written about the unwritten contract between scientists and society in the lead article of the very first edition of Issues in 1985.