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  • verb

Synonyms for unwind

Synonyms for unwind

to cause (a line) to become longer and less taut

to take repose by ceasing work or other effort for an interval of time

Synonyms for unwind

reverse the winding or twisting of

Related Words

separate the tangles of

become less tense, rest, or take one's ease

cause to feel relaxed

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Williams' kept her eyes hidden behind sunglasses and unwinded while paddling in the sea.
Bacon describes the 'commonplaces' or sententiae from his Antitheta Rerum as 'skeins or bottoms of thread which may be unwinded at large when they are wanted' (Works, iv, 472), and in another place as 'seeds' rather than 'flowers' (Works, iv, 492).
is composed of: 1- frame; 2-crank; 3- flexible and unextensible wire; 4-profiled wheel and it functions as follows: the wire 3 is winded and unwinded onto element 4, profiled wheel (Perju, 1987).
Foreign exchange market analysts said that investors also fled to the yen as many of them unwinded yen-carry trade positions, in which they borrow the low-yielding yen to invest in higher-yielding but risky assets elsewhere.
Generally targets are at known ranges, the shooter is calm and unwinded, and there's no time pressure.