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Synonyms for watermark

a line marking the level reached by a body of water

a distinguishing mark impressed on paper during manufacture

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It will not mistakenly identify the copyrights of an unwatermarked image.
Only one type of paper bears the date 1859, and this is used for two leaves out of 57 1/2 (chapters II and III overlap on one leaf) in chapter III, and for 15 leaves out of 30, the other papers used being unwatermarked, in chapter XV.
It is shown in Section 4 that the estimated of masking threshold from the unwatermarked and watermarked audio clip are very close given that attack-channel distortion induced into the watermarked audio is below certain threshold.
It is however not in the scope of our methods to robustly embed such information without any assistance of other security technologies since the cover data, the original unwatermarked target of protection, can be obtained by simply decompressing the stego data.
Both editions, incidentally, are perfect-bound on unwatermarked paper, I suspect film-setting, for no other reason than the placement of the punctuation and the inflexible letter-spacing.
Users may now search the entire picturequest.com library without registration, until they want to purchase or obtain unwatermarked material from among more than 500,000 images.
Later, you can purchase an unwatermarked version of the same MDE, if needed.