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For instance, she plans to drop the untitled song separately from the album, packaged with intense visuals.
The exhibition is described as highlighting "the fundamental role of drawing as a catalyst for change Untitled Song features untitled works by James Clarkson (2011/12).
Harrison was 23 or 24 when he wrote the untitled song in early 1967.
Written in early 1967 when Harrison was 23 or 24, the untitled song was penned when the Beatles stopped touring to spend more time in the studio to work on Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
While each untitled song from their second album and those from the forthcoming Takk would have been stand-outs in any other band's set but unfortunately this was just Sigur Ros going through the motions a little.
A crowd-pleasing set is filled with the likes of The Power Is On and Bottle Rocket, as well as other delights from their debut, and a new as yet untitled song that sounds like Sonic Youth fronted by Mary J Blige.
Beck (October 26): Ubiquitous White Stripes singer-guitarist Jack White joins Beck on one as yet untitled song.
With just a guitar and keyboard for company, he also played one of the fan's favourite tracks and an untitled song in Welsh.
The mima exhibition, Untitled Song, includes four sculptures by Sheffield-based James Clarkson and then adjusted by Mirza and combined with "found" furniture and acoustic equipment in a DIY way.