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Synonyms for unskilled

Synonyms for unskilled

lacking the qualities, as efficiency or skill, required to produce desired results

Synonyms for unskilled

not having or showing or requiring special skill or proficiency

lacking professional skill or expertise

not doing a good job


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Paradoxically then, education and skills qualified and made Teriberka workers particularly suited for the unskilled work in the Norwegian fish-processing industry.
Furthermore, the report also shows the number of highly skilled jobs expanding despite the loss of unskilled work.
It is not good enough for young people to be offered a choice of going to university or going into unskilled work.
Why have so many dropped out of our education and training systems, fit only for unskilled work and unlikely even to get that?
Fourth, in many countries, there has been a growing policy concern for at-risk young people who have dropped out of formal education and training with few or no qualifications and who are drifting in and out of unemployment, labor-market inactivity, and marginal unskilled work.
If a visual limitation prevents an individual from seeing the small objects involved in most sedentary unskilled work, or if an individual is not able to avoid ordinary hazards in the workplace, such as boxes on the floor, doors ajar, or approaching people or vehicles, there will be a significant erosion of the sedentary occupational base.
Passport holders can give potential employers that assurance and can find unskilled work more easily or go on to further training.
Further, categories of skilled and unskilled work are explicitly gendered--labour judged as unskilled corresponds traditionally to women's work in the private, 'embodied' sphere.
Any age and, because of SCI, has a psychological impairment that prevents even simple, unskilled work, SSA will reach a determination of "disabled.
It's not unskilled work and, if it is done badly, it can ruin a valuable asset, a racehorse.
Based on her and her coworkers experiences, she concludes that unskilled work at current wage rates offers most poor people little opportunity to achieve a higher standard of living and avoid sinking deeper into debt.
Often construction jobs involve both skilled and unskilled work, but generally the jobs don't require a college education.
An increase in the commuting premium indicates an increase in the wages paid for unskilled work, compressing the wage gap.
Duncan relied on his limited educational background and the fact that most of his earlier unskilled work involved heavy lifting, which he could no longer perform.