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Synonyms for impractical

Synonyms for impractical

not capable of happening or being done

incapable of dealing efficiently with practical matters


incapable of being used or availed of to advantage

Synonyms for impractical

not practical


not practical or realizable

References in classic literature ?
Of what I should say to the cousins, and of how I should introduce myself into their midst, I did not think at all: the pilgrim spirit was upon me, the unpractical spirit that takes no thought for anything, but simply wanders along enjoying its own emotions.
If the absolutely pure, uncalculating, unpractical spirit of adventure had ever ruled a human being, it ruled this be-patched youth.
But, Margaret dear, I mean we mustn't be unpractical now that we've come to facts.
Enabled by the company's low-cost methanol reformer technology, the MFC Mini opens new commercial possibilities so far unpractical for any type of fuel cell system.
Many parts of the capital like the Khalidiyah area and the Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Street have undergone renovation, with relaid pavements and street lamps and, while residents have welcomed the new look, some found it unpractical.
But resorting to religious revival as a tool to face a set of political challenges will yield nothing other than futile debates and unpractical recommendations.
Traditional methods, such as using trace papers or acetate templates to plan for surgery, have become unpractical due to widespread replacement of hardcopy film based radiography with digital imaging systems.
Admittedly, "Game of Thrones" fashion is unpractical for most purposes.
The old Clubman famously had a quirky "Clubdoor" - a two-door arrangement with a third half door on the driver's side, which become unpopular among Brits for being unpractical.
Presently, existing copper infrastructure has become a white elephant, worth trillions but unpractical in the modern scenario and costly to replace.
In addition, it could be impossible or inconvenient to recharge the battery, because nodes may be deployed in a hostile or unpractical environment.
Capture using cage traps was effective for the Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia; Botelho and Arrowood 1995), but it is unpractical for Crab-plovers that escape the burrows and fly away when researchers approach the colony.
A budget required for building a boring and unpractical building, for instance, costs the same as building a masterpiece of design.
There is one thing that is infinitely more absurd and unpractical than burning a man for his philosophy.
We have argued that treating goals as mental entities is unpractical when searching for a more precise formulation.