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Synonyms for impractical

Synonyms for impractical

not capable of happening or being done

incapable of dealing efficiently with practical matters


incapable of being used or availed of to advantage

Synonyms for impractical

not practical


not practical or realizable

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From padded to something completely unpractical, undoubtably inspired by Gucci, sorbet-coloured furry coats are de riguer.
This is important as the timber otherwise may risk to damage the shield, and hence making it unpractical for daily operation.
The person with high score on this attribute tends to cater abilities such as imaginative, absent minded, unpractical and constantly day dreaming.
The use of conventional electromagnetic pumps requires a long line between the pump and the patient, which is unpractical and leads to variations in the flow rate and waste of costly medication.
The enormous amount of information that is available for a user makes search unpractical in the absence of a search engine.
He replied that the parish was in a bad way, thanks to "a series of pastors who were easy-going, unpractical and some even spiritually unworthy.
Professor of political science Hassan Nafaa deems the intended decision as pretentious and unpractical since Arab countries feel pressured to declare their stance regarding the Syrian conflict.
Enabled by the company's low-cost methanol reformer technology, the MFC Mini opens new commercial possibilities so far unpractical for any type of fuel cell system.
However, xenon flash lamps consume considerable power and occupy a large footprint, making them unpractical for IFS in point-of-care instruments.
Many parts of the capital like the Khalidiyah area and the Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Street have undergone renovation, with relaid pavements and street lamps and, while residents have welcomed the new look, some found it unpractical.
At the same time, within the past two weeks, he has made useless shopping, because of extravagant and unpractical ideas; he has also been neglecting his personal hygiene and his diet.
In addition, it could be impossible or inconvenient to recharge the battery, because nodes may be deployed in a hostile or unpractical environment.
More laws which are not enforced or too unpractical to be enforced mean more corruption and not better governance.
A budget required for building a boring and unpractical building, for instance, costs the same as building a masterpiece of design.
However, this method is quite effective, its time and space complexity is extremely high, making it even unpractical for handling a large set of training samples.