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The Food Standards Advisory Committee for Wales has recommended a block on the remaining unpasteurised milk sales.
Nine years later Lightwood Cheese boasts at least four varieties of cheese, all made with unpasteurised milk b ecause that is what "the serious cheese eater is looking for".
Remember also not to use ice in your drinks and take care with dairy products such as unpasteurised milk, cheese and ice cream.
The Food Standards Agency said there was "a very small risk" of catching it by drinking infected, unpasteurised milk or dairy products or eating infected meat products.
"Fortunately we have not been badly hit, but cheesemakers who produce unpasteurised cheese are having real problems because of movement restrictions on unpasteurised milk, " she said.
To reduce the risk of food poisoning, drink bottled water and avoid green salads, uncooked vegetables, unpeeled fruit, ice cubes, unpasteurised milk and ice-creams from unreliable sources.
Fans of unpasteurised milk, which is sold to the public in green-topped bottles, are opposed to outlawing the sale of a drink which they claim has been drunk for 1,000 years without any ill effects.
Cheese made from unpasteurised milk is a living thing and simply changes as it ages.
Call me sadistic if you will, but I'd like nothing better than to see the servants immolating themselves in old-fashioned bread ovens, catching botulism from the unpasteurised milk or impaling themselves on meat hooks, just like their forebears used to do.
"We know the bug is present in chicken and unpasteurised milk and that correct cooking kills it stone dead.
Scientists are backing Government plans to ban sales of unpasteurised milk favoured by the Royal Family after a study revealed more than one in five bottles were contaminated with bacteria.
After the announcement at the awards dinner in Cheltenham at the weekend, John made an impassioned appeal to stop a proposed ban on cheese made from raw, unpasteurised milk.
Don't eat pates, unpasteurised milk, blue or soft unpasteurised cheeses as they may contain listeria.
Traditionally, unpasteurised milk is compressed and wrapped in a cloth, which may be waxed and the cheese is then allowed to age.