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Moreover, to curb UNP influence in concrete ways, Sirisena personally appointed the commission probing the Treasury Bond scandal and has promised to appoint a similarly empowered cohort to investigate corruption plaguing the two state-owned airlines.
President Maithripala Srisena took up a 'Holier than Thou' position once he received the Bond Scam Report and began to nauseate on the UNP, Prime Minister Ranil Wickrmasinghe and on all those in the UNP who practically created his Presidency.
Following a meeting with the UNP parliamentary group on Sunday afternoon, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe indicated that his party will continue with the ruling coalition until 2020.
Nuestros hallazgos muestran que la produccion cientifica de la UNP es baja y su principal area de investigacion son las ciencias biomedicas.
El ano pasado la UNP manejo un presupuesto de 80 millones de dolares, casi el triple que en 2011, y en 2013 el monto subio a 130 millones de dolares a los cuales se sumaran 50 millones de una partida adicional tramitada por la institucion.
After which they summoned the round-table participants to deliberate on what was wrong with UNP in general and with myself in particular.
Colombo has always been a UNP stronghold and the party would normally have been expected to carry the city,'' an Asian diplomat said on condition of anonymity.
The combining of issues 1 and 2 of volume 9 was made necessary by the transition required to align UNP and NINE publishing schedules.
The UNP led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and SLFP led by President Maithripala Sirisena have been facing days of political unrest after their defeat in the local government polls on February 10.
17 -- A desperate, deeply dejected and disappointed Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena stormed out of yesterday's Cabinet meeting, after making an emotional speech over the personal attacks leveled at him by certain members of the UNP, a senior Cabinet Minister, and declared it was not possible for him to stay anymore in the unity government.
The Sri Lankan ruling party UNP has effectively blocked the way of former President Rajapaksa to stage a comeback by winning the general elections held on August 17.
Kabir Hashim, UNP member and Sri Lanka's Minister of Highways, told a UNP special convention that the government had canceled some projects which he termed as "white elephant" projects.
The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) declined the UNP call for the formation of a national government and the organization of a conference including the rebel groups saying there is a legitimate government elected in April 2010.
Sumanthiran also said that there was an attempt made by the UNP leader to push the government to have bilateral talks with the TNA while also going ahead with the PSC but the government had failed to respond positively to the request.
Sri Lanka's main opposition United National Party on Tuesday declared ''war'' on the beleaguered United People's Freedom Alliance government of President Chandrika Kumaratunga with its leader saying that the UNP has accepted the challenge to ''chase out this government.