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Asset values improved sharply in 2013 forboth listed and unlisted securities, as well as for real estate.
A report by Jp Meijer, regional head of financial research at Arqm Capital, estimated Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) would be most affected by the new rules, since it currently had 32 percent of its capital in equity and debt securities, 7 percentage points above the ceiling, while 19 percent of its capital was in unlisted securities, 9 points above the limit.
Real estate, unlisted securities and parental investments do not qualify as admissible assets at all.
The new board is expected to be a significant improvement over the New Capital Market (NCM) and Unlisted Securities boards.
Their Global Green Investment Trust, launched in January, plans to put up to 25 per cent of its cash into high-risk unlisted securities.
Harmony Asset, which is engaged in investments in listed and unlisted securities, said the net proceeds of the placement will be used for future investments.
An active adviser to companies seeking capital on the Unlisted Securities Market and its successor, the Alternative Investment Market, English Trust had a minor, temporary setback in 1997, when Spence and a fellow director were fined and reprimanded by the Securities and Futures Authority for failing to exercise due diligence in relation to a USM placing.
Calluna has headquarters in Glenrothes, Scotland and is floated on the Unlisted Securities Market of the London Stock Exchange.
When Roberts joined NFF in November 1992, it was making heavy losses and the share price was in sharp decline (the company went on the Unlisted Securities Market in 1986).
The source claims that unlisted securities dealers raised approximately $180 million for junior mining operations in the year prior to the adoption of the OSC regulation.
DLA Piper worked with the parties to address the difficulties that some shareholders encountered with respect to holding unlisted securities.
The terms of the issue should have a provision allowing foreign institutions to sell unlisted securities back to the issuer, the RBI said.
The USD 1 billion MENA Opportunities Fund is one of the first hedge funds to be launched in the region, with a long-short mandate and the ability to invest a portion of its asset base in unlisted securities offering incremental value since the region presents attractive opportunities for private equity-type transactions.
NASDAQ: RODM) today announced the hiring of Eric Hess and Carl Giangrasso as the management team for the new OTCBB[TM] venture that will establish a trading alternative to the current market for unlisted securities.