copyright infringement

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a violation of the rights secured by a copyright

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alleging unlawful copying of the "look and feel" of its website.
In response to LoopNet's lawsuit seeking to stop CoStar's unlawful copying and use, filed in November 2007, CoStar initially denied that it was copying data from LoopNet.
NASDAQ: LOOP), which operates the largest online commercial real estate marketplace, today announced that the Superior Court of the State of California has recently unsealed documents in LoopNet's lawsuit against CoStar for unlawful copying and use of LoopNet data.
In an effort to deter the unlawful copying of high definition movies in hotels and enable hoteliers to ensure that they remain available to their guests, Philips is leading the industry with its VTrack digital watermarking solution which will be demonstrated at the 2008 National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) in Las Vegas, Nevada.
All of the entrants share a sense of creativity that should be rewarded with the knowledge that their creations will be protected from unlawful copying.
Any theft of our valuable trade secrets and unlawful copying of our computer codes is intolerable -- that is why we are seeking legal action.