United States Marines

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Roberts, a United States Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam, is looking forward to this weekend's events, "These Marines have recently returned from combat zones around the globe and represent the entire worldwide Corps that serve and defend our country.
NEW YORK -- The Coalition for Luggage Security, and its Founder, a former Marine, are appalled at the insulting and inflexible bureaucracy of our Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by refusing to allow a United States Marine in uniform returning with his unit onto an American flight as he was coming back after serving his country 16 months in Iraq.
The Complaint alleges that the terrorist group Hezbollah carried out the construction of a gas-enhanced explosive that exploded with a force equal to 15,000 to 21,000 pounds of explosives, mounted it to a large truck, then crashed the truck through the iron fence gate and into the center lobby of the headquarters building of the 24th Amphibious Unit, intending to murder and maim the United States Marines who were in Beirut for a peace-keeping mission.
ObjectVideo's mission is to secure against threats here at home or abroad, but we're especially proud to be supporting the United States Marines as they fight insurgents in Iraq," said Raul Fernandez, President, Chairman and CEO of ObjectVideo.
LOS ANGELES -- With the help of the few, the proud, the United States Marines, 2nd Marine Division, the first shipment for 2005 of items for Spirit of America's "Gifts for Iraqi Children" project has arrived in Iraq and put smiles on the faces of local children near Camp Blue Diamond.
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