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a multiethnic alliance in Afghanistan who practice a moderate form of Islam and are united in their opposition to the Taliban

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The great strength of Boothman's book, to my mind at least, is that it brings to light in a manner that the current English language anthologies do not, the extent to which Gramsci was immersed in the politics and strategy of the United Front in his pre-prison years and committed to its key objective of winning over the working masses--and particularly the rural masses.
Born in 1908 in what we today know as Bangladesh, Mondol had voted once for the United Front coalition which beat the Pakistan Muslim League.
National United Front leader Ahmad Zia Massoud said they were in talks with Right and Justice and Afghan Millat parties on cobbling together a coalition.
Summary: The French and German leaders will present a united front towards Greece at talks on Thursday.
The main conservative group, called the United Front of Principleists, has produced a slate of candidates for all across the country.
Sh Gouramani Sinha was abducted for ransom on September 22 while on duty at the Loktak Pump house of the National Hydropower Corporation by cadres of Zeliangrong United Front.
I understand everybody's worry, but I believe as well a club is a united front.
The Islamic Ummah (community) should establish a united front against unbelievers and this front has come to show itself today," Aboutorabi-Fard stated, addressing a parliament session here in Tehran on Wednesday.
FOOTBALL fans put aside their rivalries to show a united front ahead of one of the biggest derbies in the game.
DAVID Cameron and US president Barack Obama put on a united front in a tense phone call over the BP oil slick disaster yesterday.
I am lucky enough to reside in a road whose residents present a united front in adversity and generally look after each other.
Vira Musikapong, a core leader of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, told a press conference that pro-Thaksin Red Shirt activists will start traveling to Bangkok on March 12.
Finance ministers and central bank presidents of the Group of Seven major industrial economies normally seek to strike a united front at their meetings to avoid upsetting financial markets.
Turkish officials made it clear during the meeting, the paper reported, that the meeting is by no means a way of creating a Turkish-Arab united front against Iran, with which GCC member countries have had trouble dealing with over its heavily-criticized nuclear program.
Summary: Moroccan Prime Minister, Abbas El Fassi, called, here Saturday, on the low and middle-income countries (G11) to form a united front to deal with the risks of globalization and major economic crises.
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