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The Unionidae family has ~140 genera with more than 1,000 species that occur worldwide.
Remaining taxa were described or moved to the genus Unio and assumed to belong in the family Unionidae.
Summary of the total number of specimens of freshwater mussel species of the Family Unionidae collected at each site where specimens were found.
List of unionidae collected in Kansas rivers with localities.
Role of the Unionidae and Sphaeriidae (Mollusca Bivalvia) in eutrophic lake Zbechy and its outlow.
It is a large size representative of the Unionidae family, with populations distributed in both East and South-East Asia.
North American freshwater mussels in the family Unionidae represent a diverse and ecologically important group (Parmalee & Bogan 1998).
A study of the Unionidae of Arkansas, with incidental reference to their distribution in the Mississippi Valley.