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Specimen collection.--Rocks and the unionid mussel Amblema plicata, with attached zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha), were collected by SCUBA from sites on the southwest and northeast sides of Lake Pepin, Mississippi River, Minnesota and Wisconsin (Pool 4, River Mile 765) in Sep.
subpuipureous (White River National Fish & Wildlife Refuge) Barkley Lake, KY Viviparus subpurpureous TABLE 3.--List of individual wild-caught black carp captured in 2009-2017 that consumed freshwater unionid mussel species.
Table 2 A summary of the live Unionid mussel species found in the Middle Cuyahoga River and in 3 sites above Lake Rockwell; no mussels were found below the Gorge (Lower Cuyahoga River).
Likely, many other ecological factors play an important role in the population dynamics of Unionid mussels. These ecological factors may include in stream vegetation, food availability, sedimentation, fish populations, dams, climate, and water quality.
Cross-resistance of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) to glochidia of different species of unionid mussels. J.
A survey of the unionid mussels of the Grand River's wild and scenic section.
Distribution and habitat of unionid mussels and invasive sea lamprey larvae in the Paw Paw River, a tributary of Lake Michigan.
The unionid mussels of the upper Iowa and Turkey river watersheds.
ABSTRACT: A survey of unionid mussels at three sites in Pigeon Creek in southwestern Indiana was conducted during the fall of 1997.
Simulated effects of host fish distribution on juvenile unionid mussel dispersal in a large river.
ABSTRACT The North Fork Holston River (NFHR) historically supported 33 unionid mussel species downstream of Saltville, VA.
Stimulation of ATPase activity by chloride and HC[O.sub.3] has been demonstrated in the microsomal membranes of the gills of unionid mussel Toxolasma texasensis (Dietz and Findley, 1979).
The average biofouling rate at this site equaled 0.84 mg per native mussel or 5.0% of unionid mussel mass.
Zebra mussels clog water intakes for hydroelectric companies, harm unionid mussel species, and are believed to be a reservoir of avian botulism.