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a member of the Union Army during the American Civil War

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This brutal Civil War story of Confederate scout-sniper Jack Hinson and his relentless, methodical killing of a probable 100-plus Union soldiers is told by Tom McKenney, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel.
Ramold addresses the full range of transgressions committed by the Union soldier and the various means the officer corps employed to maintain a reasonable degree of order without driving their men to open mutiny.
55pm A wounded veteran Union soldier hiding out in the Ruby Mountains at the end of the American Civil War is relentlessly pursued by a vengeful Confederate officer.
While several scholars have analyzed soldiers' motivations and what sustained their morale particularly through harrowing combat situations, practically nothing has been written on how the experience of military occupation affected Union soldier morale and motivation.
McDaniel was born in Denver, Colorado, the youngest daughter, not of a minister as studio heads proclaimed when she emerged a star in GWTW, but of a Virginia--born ex-slave, Henry McDaniel, who fought as a Union soldier in the Civil War against the Confederate Army.
888-766-3897 This lesbian-owned B&B on the Gettysburg Battlefield comes complete with the ghost of a Union soldier.
I actually thought it was kind of stupid, at first, when I heard it was about the musket," said Phelps, who played the part of a Union soldier.
Anna learns that her father, a Union soldier, has been gravely wounded and is near death.
Because of the clandestinity of the administration of the Confederacy's "anti-Negro Union soldier law", America and the world will never know the extent of the dastardly deeds that resulted from the act.
Gamers can relive history through the eyes of a Confederate or Union soldier and experience such famous battles as Gettysburg, Bull Run and Antietam.
The author presents letters written by her great-grandfather, a Union soldier during the Civil War.
The document in question relates to changing the date of a pardon for a civil war union soldier.
A wounded Union soldier is given refuge in a girls' boarding school in the Confederate south during the American Civil War.
Doing, who portrayed a Union soldier from the 55th Ohio, leaned on his rifle as he explained some of the things expected of soldiers in the 1860s.
It is composed of 164 library items, including correspondence, photographs, and other materials dating from 1861 to 1865 that address the daily life of a Union soldier and his thoughts on slavery and the election of 1864.
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