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type genus of the family Unionidae

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Certain reproductive characteristics of the freshwater mussel, Unio terminalis delicatus (Lea, 1863), in Golbasi Lake Turkey.
Basta observar la politica llevada a cabo por Convergencia i Unio a partir de 1980; politica que permite pensar el nacionalismo catalan como un nacionalismo linguistico.
For the "conjoinedness" of Christ's humanity to the Word is hypostatic: unio in persona divina.
Nevertheless, in the final account, for the deeply religious poet, the goal eventually to be reached is the state of unio mystica, in which Love is written with a capital L--i.
The distribution and biomass of Unionidae (MoP lusca, Bivalvia), and the production of Unio tumidus Retzius in Lake Balaton (Hungary).
Not because it is fashionable or because the unio mystica is everywhere, but just because the differences between the various Bhakti sects are otherwise few and, therefore, important points could be made.
97) The intellectual love of God is not intended to effect the mystical obliteration of the knowing self in some kind of unio sacra with the divine.
Si usted quiere llevar una vida activa y balanceada, siga el consejo de la ex miss universo Dayanara Torres, quien se unio a McDonald's para el lanzamiento oficial en la ciudad de Nueva York.
Katalin (1988) found that gill tissues of the mussel, Unio pictorum, were most effective at accumulation of all heavy metals.
The substance of the faith is the unio mystica in Christ.
He argues that constructing a useful cross-cultural typology of the variety of unitive experiences requires setting aside unio mystica as a single theological category and focusing instead on the source of these experiences in the workings of the unconscious.
Como una defensora de programas para la prevencion del SIDA, Saralegui se unio a Bonta, para apoyar la campana "lowrider" como una forma de brindar informacion a la comunidad Latina sobre el VIH y el SIDA.
Le reste des partis politiques n'avait pas ete epargne : Coalition Canarienne (43 cas), Convergencia I unio (Catalogne : 30), Parti Andalous (24), Gauche Unie (20), Groupe Independant Liberal (17), Unio Mallorquina (20), Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (5), Bloc Nationaliste Galicien (3) et Parti National Basque (PNV : 3).
1 The standard work on this event is Michael Lacko, Unio Uzhorodensis Ruthenorum Carpaticorum cum Ecclesia Catholica, Orientalia Christiana Analecta 143 (Rome: Pontificium Institutum Orientalium Studiorum, 1965; E.