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homicide without malice aforethought

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Golfier was charged with unintentional homicide (the French equivalent of involuntary homicide) but was later acquitted in a French court.
Earlier this month, a Jordanian court sentenced Gomi to 18 months in jail for unintentional homicide, but Jordan's King Abdullah II pardoned him.
Among legal questions of intention, for example, that Wilson traces in Hamlet are questions of suicide, unintentional homicide (as, differently, in the deaths of Polonius and Gertrude), the relation between intention and pretense, and the delay inherent in the notion of intention as that which is yet to be done.
Asylum for the unintentional homicide had formerly been the province of the local sanctuaries.
The work is primarily descriptive, commenting only occasionally on historical developments of the law or differences between Isma ili and Imami positions, such as those concerning distinctions between intentional and unintentional homicide and other subsidiary points (e.