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Synonyms for ungulate

any of a number of mammals with hooves that are superficially similar but not necessarily closely related taxonomically

having or resembling hoofs

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The possible future threats to the populations of wild ungulates include competition for grazing by uncontrolled number of domestic livestock, and possibility of disease transmission from livestock to the wild ungulates (Woodford et al., 2004).
OUR AT The diary was discovered when staff began building the binturong enclosure last year and featured Eileen's handwritten records about the 1969 ungulate section.
Non avian theropods and ungulates showed a negative allometry, feline's isometry and birds a positive allometry in the lower leg (Table I).
We selected hunting bag (number of animals hunted per square kilometer in 1 year) as a proxy for wild ungulate density and calculated this density as the annual average of the number of hunted ungulates (wild boar, red deer, and fallow deer) from those hunting areas for which [greater than or equal to] 2 years of data were available for 2008-2012.
Blue sheep, Alashan red deer and musk deer (Moschus chrysogaster) are mainly three kinds of ungulates distributed in the Helan Mountains, while the number of musk deer has dropped sharply since the 1880s, it is quite rare at present (Liu 2009).
The government approved the project on June 19, 2017, and provides two months hunting periods for ungulate wild animals such as mountain sheep, mountain ibex, roe deer and wild boar (January and February).
Habitat sharing between domestic and wild ungulates may result in different kinds of ecological interactions between these two herbivore guilds, including competition [14-16], facilitation [15,17], and transmission of diseases and parasites [18,19].
The FVAs are phytocenological units determined by climate and soil conditions and are known to provide various amounts of forage for ungulates (Katreniak et al.
Like other temperate region ungulates, blue sheep are active during the daytime and rest at night (Sayre and Seabloom, 1994), they devote a lot of time to feeding (Liu et al., 2005).
In fact, one cougar went 75 days without killing an ungulate, apparently surviving on small birds, mammals, or carrion.
The 6th World Congress on Mountain Ungulates and the 5th International Symposium on Mouflon started in Nicosia on Mondaymorning, with the participation of scientists from over 20 countries, in Nicosia.
Intensified herbivory by predator-free ungulates has substantially impacted many forest communities, reducing plant growth and shifting species compositions (Cote et al, 2004; Ripple et al, 2010).
Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) Pakistan has been camera trapping in Terich Valley, which is helping determine the population of snow leopards and other ungulates in the region.
ABSTRACT: Browse use surveys such as the twig-length method typically used to assess browsing by ungulates are time-consuming and costly.
Our results show that small whole carcasses (rats, rabbits) are part of the diet of vultures in most North American zoos, but large whole carcasses (ungulates) are rarely fed.