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deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language use to mislead and manipulate the public

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In questo romanzo, il critico Calligaris individua un'altra influenza importante, quella di George Orwell e del suo celebre libro 1984 (1949), nel quale la contrapposizione tra Bene e Male viene rilevata anche a livello del linguaggio, costituito da polarita che pero non si esprimono in forma di negazione: Newspeak non dice "good" e "bad", ma "good" e "ungood"; la mancanza di opposti comporta, spiega il critico, un mondo incapace di progresso e destinato alla staticita.
"It was very scary and that's one of the reasons why I needed such a good cast because they'd detract from my ungood acting," he deadpans.
She recognized that her self-esteem was influenced by growing up among "good people who were made to feel ungood by an economic class system imposed from above" and that "sexual and racial caste systems are even deeper and less in our control than class is" (21).
Combine leafless surroundings, a scoped .22 rimfire and bushytails that have come to recognize humans as ungood and you have all the ingredients for a true test of your woodsmanship and marksmanship skills.
In its place is Newspeak, "the only language in the world whose vocabulary gets smaller every year", with words that might encourage thought cut out in favour of bland expressions like "double plus good" meaning excellent and "ungood" which replaces bad or awful.
Then there's the technical newspeak, which is double ungood.
People who won't forgive--betrayed girlfriend, seething colleagues, Javert-like boss--are ungood. And journalists who regard him as a news story?