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lacking necessary documents (as for e.g. permission to live or work in a country)


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Documenting the Undocumented: Latino/a Narratives and Social Justice in the Era of Operation Gatekeeper is a work of literary criticism that analyzes several genres of immigration literature published in the last twenty-five years.
The sudden firings -- which were previously unreported -- follow last year's revelations of undocumented labor at a Trump club in New Jersey, where employees were subsequently dismissed.
The amnesty program will allow more undocumented Filipinos in UAE to return home.
President RodrigoDuterte has ordered the Department of Foreign Affairs to fix the problems of undocumented Filipino workers here as part of his promise to improve the plight of Filipinos in the Middle East.
Philippine Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur Charles Jose made the call in view of the ongoing crackdown by Malaysian authorities against undocumented foreign nationals following the termination of its two-year rehiring program for foreign workers in June 2018.
Following the conclusion of the 2016 Presidential Election, students at colleges across the country have organized and held rallies to pressure their institutions to protect its undocumented students (Svrluga, 2016).
Labour rights groups, however, have said that the number of undocumented Cambodians working in Thailand is actually much higher and that they can face difficulties in completing the documentation process.
According to the ministry, the number of undocumented migrant workers surged to 312,346 in May from 251,041 in December 2017.
Taylor Kelley, M.D., M.P.H., from the University of Michigan Medical School, and Renuka Tipirneni, M.D., from the University of Michigan -- both in Ann Arbor, discuss the need for innovative models to address health care for undocumented immigrants.
Provincial board member Nemesio Neron, chairman on committee on peace and order, said the majority of these undocumented foreigners adds up to the overpopulation in the resort island of Boracay.
He added that the Dominican immigration authorities have deported more than 5,000 undocumented immigrants in various provinces "following the necessary proceedings."
Living on the Margins: Undocumented Migrants in a Global City
With the specter of a federal crackdown on illegal immigration looming, higher ed institutions are finding ways to better serve undocumented students, and also protect their identities.
Malaysia is rounding up undocumented migrant workers in a major crackdown, prompting alarm yesterday from lawmakers across the region.