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a collarless men's undergarment for the upper part of the body

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The sweat from the exertion streamed down his face and showed through the undershirt across his shoulders.
He sheered at the moment my hands should have landed on his nose, but his sandpaper hide (I had on a sleeveless undershirt) scraped the skin off one arm from elbow to shoulder.
For that matter, there was very little heat anywhere in the building, except in the cooking rooms and such places--and it was the men who worked in these who ran the most risk of all, because whenever they had to pass to another room they had to go through ice-cold corridors, and sometimes with nothing on above the waist except a sleeveless undershirt. On the killing beds you were apt to be covered with blood, and it would freeze solid; if you leaned against a pillar, you would freeze to that, and if you put your hand upon the blade of your knife, you would run a chance of leaving your skin on it.
The knit silk undershirt they brought me was on a new plan, and was really a sensible thing; it opened behind, and had pockets in it to put your shoulder-blades in; but they did not seem to fit mine, and so I found it a sort of uncomfortable garment.
From shoulder to wrist of the crossed arms, the coat-sleeve, blue flannel shirt and undershirt were ripped in rags, while the arms themselves were terribly slashed and streaming blood.
He had thrown off his green jerkin, and his chest was covered only by a pink silk jupon, or undershirt, cut low in the neck and sleeveless.
This will depend on the version and how many undershirts you decide to get with the device.
The undershirts were then turned over to the respective city directors and provincial directors of the different provinces in the region.
Young Brando was "a beautiful, brooding specimen," wrote the theatre critic John Lahr -- "a ruthless man-child with reservoirs of tenderness and violence." His character eschewed khakis and button-downs for jeans and undershirts. The idea is that you, too, can become dangerous and attractive by donning a sleeveless shirt.
To create the seed, Panchal soaked men's white undershirts in water-based resin and then affixed them to the mosquito net, where they look like floating embryos or pupae.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO - 11 May 2017: Students of Dhyaa school in the Yemeni city of Aden took their exams in undershirts instead of their regular uniform due to the scorching temperature caused by an electricity outage in the temporary capital of the Yemeni legitimate government.
Sales of undershirts fell when Gable appeared in the movie bare-chested.
Zimmerli, which has remained a family business since it was founded in 1871, manufactures men's undershirts, tank tops and briefs, and women's so-called spaghetti tops, panties and slips in Lugano, Switzerland.
To make doubly sure, tuck undershirts into underwear.
More men are choosing to sleep instead in casualwear, or else underwear like undershirts and boxer shorts.